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VFD10 / Punish The Streets

Located at New Art Projects London, this exhibition was a celebration of a decade of vFd in Dalston and highlighted the influences that flow between club culture, art and fashion. Participating artists such as Dr Noki, Maryam Eiser, John Lee Bird and Christeene created new works including painting, drawing and installation. Alongside, the show featured film footage, music videos, photographs and original artwork from the club’s extensive archive. 

10 January - 3 March 2019

Photography for the Curious Cyclist Collection by Josephine Jones

Josephine's presentation was part of London Fashion Week 2019 and took place on 15 February in the gallery spaces of New Art Projects London in collaboration with vFd and alongside the VFD10 - Punish The Streets exhibition. This was also the first show in London that featured an all-trans cast, making history and marking an important milestone for trans-inclusivity. Rest in peace, Elie Che.

Hair Matters

The exhibition Hair Matters marked a collaboration between vFd and Central Saint Martins. Through public art interventions around Dalston, it examined the social and cultural symbolism of hair, employing a queer perspective. The show featured six young, queer artists including Travis Alabanza, Sadé Mico and Alex Noble, their work ranging from photo manipulations and textiles to ephemera and audio material. 

9 - 29 November 2018

Freedom From Within The Frame

In the form of a window display in the Lethaby Gallery, the exhibition explored the interdisciplinary approach in art education and practice at the Central School of Arts and Crafts by reappropriating formats used by Richard Hamilton in his 2014 ICA show. Additionally, a podcast series was produced alongside the show. 

11-26th April 2018

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