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Wave 3 (Cancelled?)

••• premiering on the BBC iPlayer in 2021 •••

Directed by Edward Smyth, this experimental short film explores neurodiversity and follows a protagonist who imagines people as products in an action figure line. Alongside producing this project, I contributed original music to the film’s sound profile.


Wave 3 (Cancelled?) has been selected for the BAFTA-recognised London Short Film Festival 2022.

Schiller Schiller

Schiller Schiller premiered at the Liverpool Biennial ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You?’ on October 4, 2018 in the Exhibition Research Lab of the Liverpool John Moores University as part of an evening of film screenings and discussion exploring artistic and political engagements of the biennial.

Influenced by Bruce Conner’s Crossroads this short film works with archival footage of the nuclear tests in Bikini Atoll in 1946, suspending and bending the meaning of those images through sound. Music and voiceovers employ both an excerpt from Schiller’s 9th letter on The Aesthetic Education of Man and a cover of Fatboy Slim’s popular track Praise You.
As a high and low culture dichotomy, the film toys with the implications and facets found in words and visuals.

Directed by Bea Redweik. Music made in collaboration with Nigel Nunes.

Schiller Schiller
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